Lightweight Stone

What is Lightweight Stone?

Lightweight stone is a thin layer of natural stone bonded to a honeycomb composite. It usually comprises of a fibreglass or carbon fibre mesh with an aluminium honeycomb core. This aerospace composite reinforcement creates huge gains in strength whilst reducing overall weight.

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Panel Benefits


Reducing from a standard 20mm to 5mm of stone offers a significant weight saving. Aiding handling, installation and minimising structural costs.

Superior Mechanical Performance

Great torsional and bending strength keep the panel rigid, but with enough flexibility to compensate for moving structures.

Large Panels

The panels strong mechanical performance allow to scale up to large sizes with panel sizes up to slab size. Their rigidity ensure no bowing or warping.

Greener than you think

Up to 75% less stone reduces the need for natural resources. It also reduces our carbon footprint for transport.

High Impact Safety

The honeycomb panel provides huge gains in impact strength, whilst ensuring safety if stone cracks as the bonded panel will retain cracked pieces of stone.

Exceptional Quality

Completely manufactured at our UK factory, we create slabs to an exceptional quality.

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Material & Finishes

As a company ingrained in natural stone, we offer assistance in choosing a suitable material in both performance and finish for your project. From a simple idea on colour or finish we can help guide you towards a material that meets your criteria.

Check out our material guides with regards to materialsfinishes and a selector guide to help offer a introduction on choosing the right material. The materials we have in our gallery are but the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of both natural and man-made stone choices available.


We are open to pushing the design capabilities of traditional stone. Whilst we can control the finish of the material, we can provide even further machining to create unique finishes. Check out our project gallery featuring a unique Jura limestone feature wall at Next High Wycombe,utilising a 3 tone machined finish.

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Panel Comparison

Variable Traditional Stone Lightweight Stone
Nominal Thickness From 20mm to 40mm Solid From 9mm to 35mm
Weight (kg/m2) From 45 to 90 kg/m2 From 15 to 43 kg/m2
Panel Size (m) Small to medium  3m x 1.5m (Driven by Slab)
Relative Strength Low High
Fire Rating Typically A1/A2 BRE135 System, Panel Untested

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Lightweight stone has fantastic applications for low-level internal cladding or for creating surfaces and furniture. Head to our lightweight surfaces to learn more about what Cristofoli can do for you. For any advice please contact us.

Looking for samples? Fill out a contact form and we’d be more than happy to help!