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Innovative 3D cladding for Standard Life

Cristofoli International to travel to Edinburgh

As the new year begins, Cristofoli starts off with securing a new contract for Standard Life Investments. Based at the newly built offices at St Andrews Square Edinburgh, the facade work will consist of:

  • Cut to size Jura Beige lightweight cladding used across 5 lobby floors
  • Manufacture of innovative ‘3D’ monolith pieces at reception level using Buxeuil Limestone
  • Reception desk cladding in Buxeuil Limestone
  • Delivery and fitting of all pieces throughout the building

3D monoliths?

To give the illusion of massive stone pieces, Cristofoli will be constructing large ‘box like’ pieces using lightweight stone. Weight, therefore, won’t be a factor. Even with large monolith sizes, the weight will not exceed 100kg. Whilst this may seem heavy, it will be notably lighter than using traditional methods.

Bring in the LED’s

To enhance the 3D look, effective use of LED strips will generate a deeper shape. Placed in between each monolith, the LED strips will make the monoliths appear deeper due to the shadows it creates. Whilst it may create a challenging wiring situation, the use of our aluminium sub-frame will make chop’n changing parts easy. Access will be easy for electricians to set up wiring looms and should further changes occur monoliths can simply be removed and replaced as necessary.

Works are expected to start early summer 2017, so follow us on facebook, twitter or LinkedIn to keep up to date!

Standard Life Lobby

Architectural rendering of the lobby floor




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