Factory development on track - Cristofoli International

Factory development on track

Cristofoli Extension

Doubling of factory space

With the eventual start of Travelodge (check our last post!) will bring a much-needed expansion and update of our current facilities. This will see a near doubling of factory floor space, including two new overhead gantry cranes, modern LED lighting and noise and energy efficient panelling.

Using our in-house design capabilities and partnering with Latonedil® will see our extension completed in a matter of months.

Groundwork’s and good weather

Unlike other years, this March we’ve been incredibly lucky with the weather. Foundations have been prepared for by Ray Shergold Groundwork, with concrete flooring already laid and polished by National Concrete. We’ll be utilizing a steel frame structure installed by RM Fabrications to speed up overall completion time instead of using traditional brick and mortar.

Utilizing our expertise

Whilst using Latonedil® panels for in-keeping with the surrounding buildings, we’ll be utilising our cladding expertise to complete the facades. Using similar principles adopted from our lightweight stone cladding, an aluminium sub-frame will support the facade pieces. This will further reduce installation times and act as a baseline trial for Travelodge.

Keeping it green

Whilst originally a 1970s built factory unit, typically these older, outdated buildings exhibit poor thermal insulation with minimal noise cancellation properties.

Latonedil® panels will help mitigate this. Using a lightweight glass fibre panel improves both our energy and noise efficiency due to their high insulating properties. Coupled with LED lighting, this will help bring Cristofoli to a greener, low energy future.

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