Lightweight Cladding


Using our own UK manufactured lightweight stone, we provide a complete design through to installation service of lightweight stone cladding. Our high tech manufacturing plant allows us to accommodate a variety of materials. From natural stones such as marbles, limestones or granites to man-made materials such as porcelain, ceramic and terracotta.

Through using an aluminium sub-framing system we can install stone facades in mere days as opposed to weeks. All of this is underpinned with a deep commitment to testing and safety ensuring our stone cladding products are fit for purpose.


Lightweight Stone

Traditional stone cladding normally consists of 40mm thick dimensional stone pieces usually featuring some type of tongue and groove attachment method. Whilst it will meet approved mechanical and thermal standards, it comes with a substantially large weight implication.

Through using the tried and tested method of aerospace honeycomb composites, we bond a far thinner slab of stone to a fibreglass aluminium honeycomb panel. This creates a superior finished product with higher flexural strength, lower overall weight and freedom in design not previously available.

Variable Traditional Stone Lightweight Stone
Weight (kg / m2) Around 90kg Around 40kg
Installation Skill Moderate to High Low
Relative Strength Very Low Very High
Piece Size Small to Moderate Close to slab size

Stones & Finishes

As a company ingrained in natural stone, we offer assistance in choosing a suitable material in both performance and finish for your project. From a simple idea on colour or finish, we can help guide you towards a material that meets your criteria.

Check out our material guides with regards to materials, finishes and a selector guide to help offer an introduction on choosing the right material. The materials we have in our gallery is but the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of both natural and man-made stone choices available.

Specialist Finishes

We are open to pushing the design capabilities of traditional stone. Whilst we can control the finish of the material, we can provide even further machining to create unique finishes. Check out our project gallery featuring a unique Jura limestone feature wall at Next High Wycombe, utilising a 3 tone machined finish.

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Cladding System

Each project comes with a bespoke aluminium subframe system to support our lightweight stone panels. Designed in-house and suitable for both internal and external structures, this system removes the need for wet installation of stone. Each stone panel is cut to size, supporting fixings and hangers attached and simply hung onto the rail system.

Thanks to the stone panels low weight, the supporting structure can be reduced. This substantially impacts the overall construction of the building. A lighter support structure saves on installation time, cost and weight!

Ventilated Facade

Designed to keep water and moisture out

Rapid Installation

Aluminium framing system is quick to install, with stone panels equally as quick

Easy Installation with minimal site impact

No specialised labour or equipment is needed to install & no need for onsite cutting or wet adhesives required.

Large Format

Large format stone panels reduce joint closing and speed up installation. The fewer pieces, the better!

Fantastic BREEAM Potential

Our panels combined with suitable insulation produce excellent BREEAM and acoustic results


Extensive material & system testing has produced a fireproof and mechnically stable system

Feature wall – Example

This internal feature wall at Next Maidstone is a brilliant example of the simplicity of the system. The aluminium rail system took around 7-10 days to install, with the majority of the stone panelling taking around 3-5 days to install. Overall this entire feature wall was installed, joints closed and cleaned in 2-3 weeks with a skeleton crew.

Aluminium Subframe (left)

This system was bolted onto a steel framing system (SFS). Our aluminium frame is pre-designed and installers only need to understand 2D drawings to erect the structure. Notice how little load-bearing structure is required to support the entire stone cladding system.

Stone Panelling (Right)

Prefabricated cladding panels are simply hung and fixed onto the supporting rail system. Quality manufactured pieces ensure they are dimensionally correct, whilst also achieving the desired material colour and finish. Joints are typically closed using a silicone sealant.


We are an SSIP Safe Contractor accredited company. Operatives hold CSCS cards and other construction-related certification, enabling them to work safely at any site across the UK.

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Design & Manufacturing

Design is fundamental to the success of our service. We operate on a collaborative basis; between main clients, principal architects and contractors to create a stone facade that works. Our in-house architects conduct hands-on building surveys and conceptualise designs themselves. This ensures we have a full understanding of the task at hand; as this underpins our manufacturing and reinforces confidence when fabricating design solutions.


Through a collaborative effort, we can produce a solution that works for you. Our team will analyse your project to produce the optimum design that meets your criteria. Our lean but flexible team can react to any changing requirements proactively, seamlessly adapting to clients constantly changing demands.


Our lightweight stone is manufactured in the UK. Our own production plant can produce over 100m2 of lightweight stone slabs per day. Each slab is manufactured to a consistently high quality to ensure no risk of de-lamination.

All stone panel fabrication is completed at our UK base, giving us quick response times to last-minute design changes. Our lean manufacturing department produces stone cladding panels to millimetric precision. The communication between our teams is constant and fluid allowing both teams to solve problems quickly.

Further Design Capabilities

Our capabilities don’t just lie in stonework. We are capable of integrating solutions concerning the entire facade. Including fenestration, SFS, curtain walling and insulation.

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Photography Credit: David Churchill

Fire & Mechanical Testing

We perform extensive materials and system testing on all of our products to ensure their safety. Extensive material testing is performed to ensure the longevity of our stone panels. Please contact us for further information.

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Case Studies & Testimonials


Travelodge Hotel – Aldgate, London

A full-scale facade design, manufacture and installation package completed in 2018. The facade package consisted of:

  • Design and installation of infill SFS framing
  • Design and installation of triple glazed window units
  • Design and installation of external insulation package
  • Design and installation of curtain walling
  • All external stone and terracotta design, manufactured and installed

Check out our downloads page for an in-depth case study or check out our project gallery for more information.


Air Canada Lounge – T2 Heathrow Airport, London

Featuring a beautiful earthen brown Eramosa marble, this project required particular attention to detail. The book matched panels required a high degree of design and planning to achieve its final form. Each slab required careful considerations as to its location as to keep the veins continuing as best as possible.

Coupled with this was the challenging work environment of contracting within an airport. Extensive planning was required to meet specific delivery slots and work to strict work hours.

For more information please check out our Air Canada gallery page.


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