Backlit Stone


Stunning beauty. Greener than LED's.

Stunning Beauty

Using translucent natural stone whilst uniformly lit from end to end enhances the material's characteristics even further, unlocking unseen features.

Technologically Superior

Electroluminescent lighting is simple. No light diffusers. No heat sinks. No complex wiring, acting as a thin illuminating card as opposed to a single light point source.

Cost Effective

Using electroluminescent lighting instead of LED's require even less power to function and are incredibly low maintenance minimising long term costs.

Creative Design. Incredible beauty.

Nothing quite creates an ambiance within a space better than an impressive, stylish light source. Whether you wish to generate a specific atmosphere, make a dramatic yet elegant statement or simply add lighting to an otherwise unlit area, backlit stone is both a luxurious and functional solution.

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Its incredibly simple system design allows for easy installation.
A modular system allows for an easily expandable light system, with geometric flexibility allowing for any profile shape required!
Combined with the natural beauty of stone, the back-lighting effect brings out unseen characteristics.