Built to your specifications. Fitted to your schedule. Budgeted to your requirements.

In-house Manufacturing

In-house WaterJet and CNC profiling machines underpinned by our multi-skilled stonemasons allow for an expert finish.


Built to your custom specification with in-house architects for producing accurate designs and renderings.

Approved Fitters

Our Safe Contractor approved fitters will lay your flooring project to meet your scheduled requirements.

Inlaid Flooring

Inlay detailed designs or patterns into your flooring project.

Available options

Light Weight Flooring

Superior Performance. Natural Beauty

Our specialty in light weight stone, allows for flooring to be used in demanding environments. One major advantage of light weight stone is the possibility of large format book matched panels. We can find the stone you need to match your colour scheme whilst providing advice on material suitability.


  • Light Weight
  • Large Panel size
  • Easy to bookmatch
  • Greater material strength
  • Easy for handling and installation

Cristofoli Service Offered: Design, Supply, Fix

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Natural Stone Flooring


For traditional stone we offer a wide range of both natural and synthetic stones. We can help find a solution for your desired look.

Our in-house manufacturing and global supply chain can help produce any required surface finish, whilst providing advice and guidance on a suitable material and aftercare.


  • Advice over an endless material choice
  • Various material finishes available
  • Detailing of intricate design ideas possible

Cristofoli Service Offered: Design, Supply, Fix

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Terrazzo Flooring

Hard Wearing. Just like the Italians

Cristofoli International resides from the Friuli region of Italy, where the original Terrazzi (labourers) hail from. Cristofoli originally started as a terrazzo manufacturer so we fully understand how to make the perfect terrazzo tile. In partnership’s with our international Terrazzo manufacturers, we can assist in ensuring you the desired appearance required.


  • Very high durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Mix and match stones, concrete and pigments
  • Can be made up of recycled materials

Cristofoli Service Offered: Design, Supply, Fix

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